We recently found a motivational poster website that has some really worthwhile designs. The posters are bright, colorful, uplifting, all original and only found on their site. We really like that the designs are available for free download and printing in 5" X 7" size. 

In addition, should you really want any of the posters in a larger size, you may purchase them at very reasonable prices. They are printed in truly dramatic color, are all laminated, come in different sizes suitable for framing and are guaranteed for life.  

Further more, every poster that you purchase will result in a donation to LDA from the company. This is definitely  a win, win situation, for you and for the association. Please feel free to visit their site and enjoy yourself.

School teachers... there is a special section of this site just for your benefit to use in class. Do check it out... Click on link below and then go to the Educators Resource section.

For here to go to this special website with hundreds of motivational posters. 

The small sample images on this page can be seen in an enlarged size by simply clicking on them. 

You can then download them for printing by right clicking your mouse and choosing "save picture as"  to save them to a file and print them on your printer.

                 Helen keller.jpg (91236 bytes)              achieve.jpg (25553 bytes)                compliments.jpg (27103 bytes)              steps.jpg (79896 bytes)

          be yourself.jpg (18176 bytes)                confidence.jpg (27438 bytes)                  important things.jpg (25804 bytes)                    help people.jpg (26604 bytes)    

          go slow.jpg (21063 bytes)                   problem or solution.jpg (26144 bytes)                    smiles.jpg (22304 bytes)                    learning2.jpg (71068 bytes)

     Click on any image to see it enlarged.

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